WYSIWYG Marketing Announces a New Custom Platform

   21 Mar 2019

WYSIWYG Marketing Announces a New, Custom Platform for Industrial Clients

Summary: This press release discusses a recent announcement with regard to WYSIWYG Marketing’s new platform. It goes on to discuss details, release dates and other news as reported by owner Ryan Jennings.


KANSAS CITY, MO MAR 17, 2019: WYSIWYG Marketing announces the development of a new, state of the art, Content Management System geared toward WYSIWYG’s industrial manufacturing market, but built to be flexible enough to serve nearly any industry or business type.

WYSIWYG’s original CMS was built in 2010 and served as a very robust, yet flexible, solution, allowing both capabilities and services types of clients and industrial manufacturing catalog types of clients to showcase their products and services online.

The new solution will continue to be one of the easiest to use platforms on the market, but also have the industry’s most advanced functionality–allowing clients to easily manage their own products and service catalogs. The solution will provide data syndication, CAD viewing capabilities, in addition to many other enhanced bells and whistles. Over the last decade, WYSIWYG has recorded feedback from customers and internal staff alike and used that feedback to drive the functionality in this new platform.

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Competitor solutions, such as ThomasNet Navigator, get blown out of the water by WYSIWYG’s earlier CMS version and will struggle to compete with this new platform. WYSIWYG has differentiated itself from ThomasNet by providing not only a very easy to use back-end utility, but also complete custom solutions for each and every client.

And now WYSIWYG has a solution that battles and supersedes all of the many WordPress startup firms. It has been a common trend for website marketing/development companies to lean on these WordPress websites, presenting the client with what is perceived to be a very easy to use solution. However, the reality of those websites is far from that truth–not to mention all of the security gaps which are caused from this open source platform epidemic.

WYSIWYG owner Ryan Jennings states, “I couldn’t be more proud of my team and this new platform we’ve built together. We look forward to presenting our new product as we continue to serve our clients with the same exceptional service and dedication we’ve exhibited over the last decade. We’re excited to bring such a fantastic product to our clients and the market in general: there’s literally nothing better out there.”

The new platform is set to be released spring of 2019.