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WYSIWYG Marketing

WYSIWYG Marketing is a full-service internet marketing firm that prides itself on our unparalleled passion of service and performance. We are committed to providing fair-minded web marketing advice and sensible strategies to grow your business.

Regardless of your industry or size of business, our diverse, talented, and efficient team of experts can synergize your needs, goals and vision into productive, creative plans that will be sure to turn heads and positively effect your bottom line.

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MidAmerica Fittings - Brass Fittings Manufacturer

Our Industrial Catalog Solution for Mid-America Fittings utilize CoreContent to fully manage all aspects of their product catalog. Including, 3D renderings of CAD Drawings of individual parts, Import/Export Management from Excel, and a very easy to use CMS dashboard for all things website management.

Qualtek Manufacturing

This is a great example of our Industrial Capability Services style sites that are hosted on our CoreContent CMS Platform. Qualtek has real time access to manage all content of the website. We also implemented a custom HR/Career Job Listings Component!

Vortek Instruments

A global leader in flowmeter technology, for whom WYSIWYG is proud to provide design and development services.

Deltech Furnaces

A complete re-design, featuring thousands of new indexable pages.

Interactive Design

The Interactive Design website was built on WYSIWYG’s proprietary back end platform, with all the bells and whistles in terms of functionality.

Hi Tech Industrial

Hi-Tech Industrial is another great example of WYSIWYG’s proprietary capabilities and services platform.

Helton Plastics

A site built to showcase Helton’s custom thermoplastic capabilities and services.

Aluminum Case Company

Aluminum Case Co.’s site is another great example of WYSIWYG’s propriety capabilities/services web platform.

KR Johnson

KR Johnson built a new site with WYSIWYG to showcase their industrial catalog offerings.

American Riggers

A complete re-design which now features over 6000 pages of indexed products.

Sheerin Scientific Company

This is a complete re-design where we allow Sheerin Scientific to showcase and manage their products.

CPI Denver

WYSIWYG built a 12,000 page e-commerce solution to assist CPI in gaining more of their marketshare.

Springs Fabrication

A re-design where we gave Springs Fab the ability to showcase their equipment and provide overviews of their capabilities and service offerings.

Hi Tech Weld Overlay Group

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay is a specialty industrial contractor providing automated weld overlay services.

Airolator Corporation

A redesign project which allows Airolator to sell products and communicate with their nationwide group of dealers.

Regal Plastic

A redesign that took their old website from 27 pages to nearly 10,000 new pages of content now being indexed by Google.

American Riggers Supply

Hosted on our custom CMS platform with a dynamic, online catalog containing more than 4000 products.


We implemented a 5,000 product sku dynamic online e-commerce catalog for Palmer.  This is a fully managed catalog on our custom CMS platform.

American Marking - Industrial Website E-Commerce Catalog

Using WYSIWYG's Custom CMS (CoreContent) WYSIWYG built an robust e-commerce industrial website catalog for American Marking: Distributor of industrial marking equipment & supplies. Products include markers, industrial inks, stencil equipment & supply products, spot markers, coders, thermal labels & rolls, rubber stamps, layout fluids, staining fluids, shipping supplies & printers. 

Industrial Website Marketing

Controlled Atmosphere Furnace

A custom microsite built for Deltech Furnaces.

Custom Laser Diode

The site was built on WYSIWYG’s SEO platform with the sole intent of driving more traffic to the main company site: RPMC Lasers.

Hitches Couplers

Hitches Couplers is a microsite built on WYSIWYG’s SEO platform for the sole intent of driving more traffic to the main company site.

Aerovent By Newstripe

A custom microsite built for Newstripe.

Inspired Celebrations

A creative microsite for New House Shelter.

Junior Board for Catholic Charities

WYSIWYG built this as a microsite for Catholic Charities Junior Board.

Nanosecond Lasers

Nanosecond Lasers was built on WYSIWYG’s SEO platform to drive more traffic to the main company site.

Picosecond Lasers

Picosecond Lasers was built on WYSIWYG’s SEO platform to drive more traffic to the main company site: RPMC Lasers.

Regal Micro

A redesign that took their old website from 27 pages to nearly 10,000 new pages of content now being indexed by Google.


Bombshell Mobile Website


Tarmac Mobile Website

Certified Safety Manufacturing

Certified Safety Manufacturing Mobile Website


MKS Mobile Website

Cashflow Real Estate

Cash Flow Real Estate Investments Mobile Website

hi techindustrial

Hi-Tech Industrial Mobile Website

Airolator mobile

Airolator Mobile Website


Hitches Couplers Mobile Website


KC Supply Mobile Website

Hi techoverlay

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Mobile Website

Crowley Furniture

Crowley Furniture Mobile Website


RPMC Mobile Website

KR Johnson

KR Johnson Mobile Website


BLT Mobile Website


Newstripe Mobile Website


Family Center Mobile Website

If Not For Grace

Assisting in Abortion Recovery.


The Visitation website is a showcase of advanced functionality, designed to create interactive experiences for the site’s users/visitors. We’re happy to serve and partner with our non-profit clients!

Give Safe Water

Helping put an end to water related diseases.

New House Shelter

New House Shelter pushed the envelope in customizing the website functionality within the WYSIWYG platform and ended up with a fantastic website.

Gateway Of Hope

The helping place for hurting women.

Inspired Celebrations

A creative microsite for New House Shelter.

Junior Board Non Profit

WYSIWYG built this as a microsite for Catholic Charities Junior Board.

Morning Glory Ministries

A new site for a Kansas City organization which serves the poor with food and emergency assistance.

Kansas City based Catholic Charities

A complete website redesign for Kansas City based Catholic Charities.

D Turin Company

A complete re-design, with a fully functioning e-commerce site and loads of custom functionality for D Turin’s custom fezzes.

Bell Knott Accessories

Bell Knott needed an up to date redesign and WYSIWYG delivered.

lC Solutions

The LC Solutions website was built to showcase services available and create opportunities for real-time traffic to schedule service.

US Closeouts

This hybrid of both our capabilities/services and e-commerce websites was a fun project for our teams.

Trux Unlimited

Boulevard Auto tasked WYSIWYG to create a fully functional product services site to boost their visibility and sales–especially in regards to mobile searches.

The Riverside Motel

The Riverside Motel is an e-commerce style website, built on WYSIWYG’s proprietary SEO driven platform.

Udder Balm

An online catalog with a custom online integration e-commerce solution.


Custom website catalog with over 1000 products and a custom built wedding registry.

Twenty Eight Event

Kansas City’s leading event space website hosted on our custom platform.


We designed a Flash enabled homepage header with creative navigation elements to direct the user to the appropriate services.

Live Medical Chat

Our secure, live online chat service which caters only to the medical industry and allows our agents to greet users in a safe environment.

Eye Verify

WYSIWYG partnered with EyeVerify to build their first online web presence showcasing their biometric eye vein verification technology.

Aura Boutique

Custom website development for one of the cities leading hair studio and boutique.

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