Why You Need a Custom Content Management System (CMS)

   17 Dec 2015

Several businesses today are starting to realize the benefits of a custom content management system (CMS) and the value it brings versus a pre-packaged system. A custom (CMS) allows you to build a site that is matched for your business, workflow and needs — not the needs that others think are important.

Better Website

Building a high performance e-commerce or informational website requires more work than your typical website. They contain custom applications with a very rigid set of requirements for performance, responsiveness and search engine optimization capabilities. A custom CMS results in a better website that offers much higher performance, integration and extensibility. A CMS and website tailored to your business gives you the throughput and customization you need to give your users content-rich and relevant results with a superior user experience. This is not possible in a pre-packaged system without significant development resources.


The additional functionality provided by a host of 3rd parties, all with varying levels of code-quality and protections opens up pre-packaged systems to attacks. The popular and widely used pre-built programs are the most hacked. Companies that use these programs do risk security issues which take time, money and resources to resolve.

Custom web CMS platforms do take longer to build and cost more money, but the increased flexibility, ease-of-use, lack of downtime due to security issues and fit for a business can often pay for itself quickly.

WYSIWYG Marketing builds web-based applications that are custom tailored to meet your needs. Our process outlines every detail of the application on paper before we begin building your website to ensure that the application is easy to use, built in an efficient manner, and achieves your vision.