Website Integration Benefits Industrial Companies

   31 Aug 2012

WYSIWYG has recently been hired to revamp several of our Industrial clients websites. The challenges they were experiencing were similar from company to company. Such as:

  • They found it difficult to keep their distributors and sales reps up to date on inventory levels, correct pricing and new product announcements.
  • They were answering a high quantity of calls to discuss current and past invoices.
  • They unable to quickly provide their sales team with a detailed breakdown of a customer’s order history before making a sales call.
  • They were frustrated that different people within their company had to operate different systems to manage the same data.

The challenges they have overcome with our technology will provide them with the ability to communicate vast amounts of information in real time. Such as: pricing, update new products and delete obsolete items, display inventory levels, past order history, invoices, managing new customers etc… Their website will now become a central repository that will create efficiencies throughout their respective companies.