Web Based Project Management & Team Collaboration

   05 May 2011

WYSIWYG Marketing Chooses “OpenAtrium”

With a growing project load, WYSIWYG had a direct need for a project task management system. After researching many available solutions we decided to implement OpenAtrium which is an online open source team collaboration tool.

After utilizing OpenAtrium for about a week we have already enjoyed benefits of the CaseTracker functionality. CaseTracker allows you to setup new projects, assign team member groups, allocated permissions and finally utilize the CaseTracker functionality for project task management. As a project management tool OpenAtrium has eliminated the need for redundant status email and correspondence. The commenting system has immediate email notifications allowing the project web development team to be notified of any new project modifications or fixes needed.

WYSIWYG Marketing, a local leader in Kansas City Web Development, is also researching utilizing OpenAtrium for an Intranet platform to be offered as a service to its current and prospective clients.

I am very excited about OpenAtrium. Having only utilized the system for a short time-period I am eager to write a follow-up review with any additional feedback.