SEO Benefits of Blogging

   12 Nov 2015

A comprehensive SEO strategy includes keyword research, website optimization, content generation, backlinking and more. However, one powerful way to get search engines to notice you is by having a quality blog. When you host your own blog with your own creative content, you control your message, keywords, links and your online presence. Here are some important benefits of blogging:

Content Variety

A blog includes what you think is most helpful for your audience, whether it fits into a sitemap or not. Many users search for tips, lists, how-to articles and other types of content that likely aren’t on your website. Blogs helps your written material and keywords fit into more search queries, increasing potential traffic.

Link Bait

Each blog you post gives your readers another link to share. You can also generate your own backlinks by sharing each post on social media sites. Some posts will be shared more than others, which can help you understand the type of material your audience prefers.

More Indexed Pages

When you post a blog, search engines index every post as a single page. Creating more indexed pages does not always provide a better ranking, but it keeps Google’s robots on your site longer and provides content variety.

Enhanced Internal Linking

Internal linking can help search engines understand what content is on your website when done correctly. Search engines take note when you link a key phrase in your blog post to a page on your website related to that phrase.

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