Ryan Jennings Leans Current SEO Efforts on Industrial Downdraft Tables!

   03 Nov 2020

WYSIWYG Marketing is pleased to announce partnership with digital marketing efforts for the NorthStar Group Representing: “Superior Air Products” The Industry Leader in Industrial Downdraft Tables!

Sourcing the Best Downdraft Table for Industry

Today more than ever before quality of air has become a major issue and that’s why air filtration systems are so inherently important. For example, downdraft tables are required for a wide range of industrial processes. Typically speaking, fully self-contained downdraft type tables are easy and efficient to use. In other words, they are basically plug and go by design. In many cases this type of table is fully prewired on delivery from the factory including integral LED lighting. With high-capacity downdraft suction, these tables deliver the results that industry expects.

In Search of a Highly Efficient System

In essence, dirty air passes through a cartridge that is essentially nanofiber and fire-retardant resulting in the highly efficient cleaning of air. The air is moved away from the workstation allowing for work to progress without interruption. In addition, most of today’s modern downdraft tables will include a spark arrestor where the application calls for this type of accessory. Those in search of a highly efficient system that combines air filtration with a workbench in one compact unit need look no further than today’s modern technologically advanced downdraft tables.

Extracting These Harmful Particles Downward and Away

Downdraft benches and tables can easily be customized to a company’s specific needs. Regardless of the job at hand, there is a solution to fit your needs. With industrial particulates, dust and fumes becoming a serious concern in terms of the hazards that they present to the respiratory system as well as the eyes, having the right type of table with downdraft functionality is absolutely essential. Extracting these harmful particles downward and away from workers and properly filtering that air is always the goal. Contact Superior Air Products today for more information on this and other similar types of products.

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SD48 Model Downdraft Table

48″ D x 96″ W x 72″ T

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