Ryan Jennings & WYSIWYG Marketing Poised for Success in 2017

   31 Jan 2017

KANSAS CITY, MO JAN 31, 2017: Following a strong stand in 2016, WYSIWYG Marketing recently announced new initiatives which will ensure their continued dominance as the premier industrial web marketing firm in the area. Long recognized as the leader in SEO campaign strategies and implementation, WYSIWYG continues to add valuable services to their repertoire of available client programs.

Owner Ryan Jennings says, “We’re excited to not only continue to provide outstanding services and solutions for SEO campaigns, website design and development, mobile website development and optimization, email marketing, PPC campaigns, e-commerce, social media marketing, and 3D motion graphics design, we also intend to offer reputation management solutions in 2017.”

This new addition to WYSIWYG’s service offerings was created in response to a growing need for companies and individuals to have reputation management options in an increasingly internet saturated and savvy society. One incorrect statement or link has the power to destroy a reputable company or individual at lightning speed, and the internet never forgets. Mr. Jennings is proud to offer assistance to those who find themselves in unfortunate and unfair positions.

While WYSIWYG’s primary focus remains on proving themselves an invaluable industrial marketing partner, their proven marketing strategies are applicable to more than just the traditional type of SEO campaign implementation and WYSIWYG is proud to broaden their service offerings with this new initiative.

About WYSIWYG Marketing: WYSIWYG Marketing is marketing firm based in Kansas City, MO with clients nationwide. Founded in 2011, WYSIWYG has consistently proven its strength and dominance in the sector with back to back nominations and inclusion in the Top 25 List for the Kansas City Business Journal for four years running.