Mobilegeddon is an Opportunity for Online Business Owners

   21 Apr 2015

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update has officially rolled out and will have several effects on online business owners. This change affects search rankings on mobile devices, search results in all languages worldwide and applies to individual pages not necessarily entire websites. “Mobilegeddon”, as it is being called, will take approximately a week before it makes it’s way to all pages in the index so it won’t have an immediate impact. That being said, business owners and webmasters need to be proactive in maintaining an evolving, long-term mobile strategy as more and more users are making everyday queries from mobile devices. Having visibility in mobile search engine results pages (SERPS) will drive sales and increase click through rates (CTR) creating a big opportunity for those in the commodity items and services industries.

As the mobile device market segment continues to grow, an increase of 27.7% in smartphone purchases in 2014 over 2013, Google will adapt it’s core services to adjust to these demographic and technological trends. Creating sites that are easily accessible to your target audience through all devices will help to exceed user expectations and build long lasting relationships with your customers.

Intuitive content and information design along with fast page load speeds and short navigation paths will contribute to a positive marketing experience for all users and long-term success for online businesses. WYSIWYG Marketing is ready to attack Mobilegeddon and create mobile versions of your websites, getting them up to speed on all mobile devices, so any future algorithm changes will have insignificant affects on your business. Please contact us today!