Are Keywords Becoming Less Important in 2019?

   17 May 2019

Keywords have long been the holy grail of measurement in SEO, but current search trends are changing the landscape. In 2019, search intent and code optimization matter as much—or more—than keywords.


What is search intent? Search intent can be broken down in three aspects:

  1. Navigational: where the user’s intent is to reach a specific website.

For example: “facebook”, “Community America bank login”, etc.

  1. Informational: the user’s intent is to acquire information, whether on one or many web pages.

Examples: “flu symptoms”, “SUV reviews”, etc.

  1. Transactional: a user intends to participate in some kind of web activity.

Examples: “get health insurance quote”, “subscribe to Netflix”, etc.


Make sure you’re giving your users what they want: constantly analyze, revise, and adapt to current and new trends to make the most out of your campaign and guarantee ROI.


In 2019, if you snooze on SEO, you lose! Call us today and speak with an expert about how WYSIWYG Marketing can help you make the most of your online presence. We have over a decade of experience in the industry with proven results: we know what you need!