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We’ve Moved!

WYSIWYG Marketing is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Waldo.  Ryan Jennings, Founder, says “We felt it necessary to be more centrally located to our Kansas City customer base.  As a company, we have built a reputation for being a  high touch, quick response website development company and our new office allows us to do just that.”

One of WYSIWYG’s core values is the Golden Rule.  To interact with our customers in the same way we would hope to be  treated.   This credo has paid off.  Over the past year WYSIWYG has added 3 new SEO Associates, 4 new Web Application Developers, and 2 new Graphic Designers.  To this point, Jennings adds, “Business can get complicated, but if we stick to this core belief of treating others with honesty and respect we are confident the results will come.”

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