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How to Make Your Website Ready for 2016

Is your website ready for 2016 and will your website increase your revenue?  Trends change and you need to pay attention so your website will perform optimally and drive business.  Many trends are in store for 2016, but a few important ones described below will be imperative for your organization.

Go Mobile or Go Home

Everyone seems to be on mobile now and that number isn’t going down in 2016. Having a mobile-friendly version of your site will provide a major edge over your competition in earning online revenue.  Having a mobile-friendly site will also help your rankings. Google has recently made many moves toward supporting and rewarding sites that go mobile. With an even bigger effort coming in the form of Accelerate Mobile Pages, it’s another good reason why your site should be mobile. Users should be able to find your site from anywhere.  A poor online experience will send your customers to the competition. Make sure you have a great mobile site before you miss out on the next big sale!

Unique, Shareable Content

Although content isn’t usually part of what many consider as “web design,” it should be considered equally important.  Google is now penalizing sites that use blackhat techniques. Following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is now critical.  Ranking your keywords without drawing Google’s ire and not coming across as spammy can be resolved by implementing latent semantic indexing (“LSI” for short). LSI keywords are basically synonyms that help diversify your content.  Since LSI keywords are used in a similar context as your primary keywords, LSI avoids keyword stuffing while keeping your content on-theme.

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