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Getting the Most Out of Your Website

Most companies today cannot grow without a website.  Many people today search online as a first step in the buying process.  Your website has the potential to be your best lead source and your best salesperson.  To avoid losing potential leads and customers, make sure your website is designed to be the best it can be.

Up To Date

Long gone are the days of your website being an outdated brochure with static information.  The information posted on your website needs to be relevant to today’s buyers. Your information also needs to be current and working.  Navigate through your site to ensure that all of the information is correct and relevant by fixing broken links, updating staff biographies, reviewing your contact information, etc. Make sure it is easy for someone to contact your company employees by displaying your phone number and social media icons on your homepage.

Designed for Today’s Audience

Most likely, people visiting your site will expect a responsive design, easy access to content and the ability to move through the process at their own pace. A simple and clean homepage is all you need.  Simplicity will take you a long way.  Your site does need to be visually appealing and contain a compelling message. However, the purpose of visuals is to enhance your message, not distract from it.  Make your site attractive to encourage the sharing of valuable pieces of content, and make it simple for people to connect to your current social media sites.

There are many Kansas City website companies out there. Call a trusted company with the experience and a client portfolio that speaks for itself. WYSIWYG Marketing is a Kansas City web design firm dedicated to helping companies grow by implementing successful digital marketing strategies.  Call us today for a free consultation!