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Essentials of a Competitive Mobile Website Design

Many businesses have now realized they need an optimal mobile web design to compete.  With mobile searches on the rise, Kansas City web companies are busy helping organizations develop game-changing mobile sites.  The following are essentials for a mobile web design that will give you the ability to address the needs of mobile consumers and an edge over competitors.

Invest in Perfection 

A well-designed mobile site design ensures consumers are able to read your content successfully. A professionally designed mobile site will adapt to every device’s size, ensuring your message is effortlessly visible across all platforms without any issues.  Other features of an effective mobile site design include a visible, quick and easy way to contact you, an effective plan to capture all traffic and revenue generated from your mobile users, and having a visually stimulating call to action.  Keep in mind that mobile consumers usually have a good idea of what they are looking for when they visit your site.

Keep it Simple and Fast

The most important aspect of a mobile site is to keep everything short and compelling.  The optimal menu will have no more than 7 links that focus on your key products and services and make it easy for visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for.  With regards to forms, users aren’t interested in filling out multiple fields of information-only require what’s absolutely necessary to avoid turning off potential leads. Since users are accessing websites on the go, your site must also load quickly, ideally in less than 4 seconds to keep visitors on your site and keep up with the competition.  Try to remember that mobile users usually don’t have much patience and want a site that is quick and easy!

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