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Google and Yahoo Strike A Deal

November 30th, 2015

The Facts

The details of the search deal between Yahoo and Google, which became effective October 1, 2015 and lasting until the end of 2018 have been disclosed.   Under the terms of a new arrangement, Google will provide Yahoo with search ads, algorithmic search, and image search services for both desktop and mobile. Yahoo will also get to decide which search queries to send to Google and will not have to meet a minimum requirement of queries.  The deal provides Yahoo with additional flexibility to choose among suppliers of search results and ads.  By partnering with Google, Yahoo can obtain part of the revenue from a company that has a more efficient and lucrative search and ad infrastructure.

What it means for advertisers

Now it is even more critical that brands advertise with Google to ensure that their ads appear on two of the top three search engines.  We expect that this could further increase competition in Google search and advertisers could see an increase in CPCs. If your brand’s audience is on Yahoo (which it most likely is), you will need to buy search through three different engine platforms: Google, Bing and Yahoo Gemini.   As traffic ramps up and down between the three main engine platforms, advertisers must be quick to adapt to avoid missing opportunity and impression share.  Budget estimates should serve as a starting point but marketers must be nimble throughout the flight of their campaigns and reallocate funds based on shifts in query volume between engines.

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Mobile Shopping On The Rise

November 30th, 2015

The beginning of the holiday season has indicated that many consumers are using their smartphones to shop. For the first time ever, there is expected to be a larger number of people visiting retailer websites through their smartphones instead of their desktop computers or tablets.  Mobile sales are expected to account for 35% of e-commerce sales this year and 49% in five years.

The Facts

Although not everyone who shops on their phone will buy, mobile sales are increasing and are up 27% from last year.  Bumps in mobile says have come from a combination of companies improving their mobile apps, increased screen sizes on phones, addition of online coupons, and digital wallets which let shoppers store their payment and shipping information, making shopping fast, easy and convenient. Wal-Mart expects that 75 percent of U.S. traffic to its website will come from mobile devices this holiday shopping season!

The Advantages

Don’t get caught too long without a mobile optimized website.  The number of users is certainly on the rise and there are many advantages. Text-based phone numbers, physical addresses, or email addresses that can trigger a call, directions, or email message, slideshows or image rotators that function without Flash support, and small image sizes that allow for fast loading are all features that will increase traffic.  It is worth the investment.

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Kansas City Website Development Companies Help Businesses Succeed

November 25th, 2015

Being successful in business today typically requires a careful and detailed online marketing campaign that includes an innovative and unique website. In fact, in today’s world not having a digital presence can be devastating to a company or business of almost any size. The benefit of having an attractive website that is intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to use cannot be underestimated in the modern business world.

Initial Judgment Based On First Impressions

Keeping these simple facts in mind it is clear to see why having a good Kansas City web development company in your corner as a business owner is so incredibly important. A website says a lot about a business and can have a big impact on its bottom line performance on an annual basis. When visitors navigate to a website online they will typically make an initial judgment based on their first impressions. Savvy business owners understand the importance of this first impression effect. Getting it right in this regard means having a website that is welcoming, inviting and highly informative.

A Wide Array Of Internet Marketing Services

While those living and working in the Kansas City area have many choices when it comes to Kansas City website development companies, one company has consistently out shined the competition year after year. WYSIWYG Marketing is a trusted and respected source for the best in website design and development services. Along with website design and expert development services, the company also offers a wide array of Internet marketing services to help ensure that businesses are found online. Taking full advantage of all that this innovative and forward-looking company has to offer can be as simple as making a quick telephone call. Contact WYSIWYG Marketing today to learn more.

Quality Kansas City SEO For Targeted Online Performance

November 25th, 2015

Today, more than ever before individuals and businesses are looking for ways to seize the opportunities made available online via the Internet. Perhaps one of the best ways to achieve the most impressive results possible is to work with an experienced and knowledgeable team of dedicated Internet marketing and search engine optimization professionals. This will help to ensure that a website is not only attractive but that it is indeed found based on specific and industry relevant keywords.

The Company Delivers Real And Measurable Results

The optimization of a website so that it appears when relevant searches are made (via major search engines) is best achieved by working with a team of professionals who have hands-on experience in achieving real results for clients. One company in particular that has a proven track record in this regard is WYSIWYG Marketing. The company delivers actual and measurable results in terms of online performance and traffic metrics. While many companies offer search engine optimization or other Internet marketing services, only a handful deliver tried and tested results.

Rely Upon And Trust The Expertise And Professionalism

WYSIWYG Marketing has earned the respect and trust of its long list of satisfied clients and customers over the years. A quality Kansas City SEO company that simply gets it right is just a call or click away. WYSIWYG Marketing offers a wide array of services including everything from email marketing to PPC campaigns and e-commerce solutions as well as social media marketing and even 3-D motion graphics design. Companies small and large throughout the greater Kansas City area and in other areas of the country have come to rely upon and trust the expertise and professionalism of WYSIWYG Marketing. Contact the company today to learn more about the very best in Kansas City SEO services.

Small Business Success with a Good Website

November 24th, 2015

If you own a small business, you may be wondering if you would benefit from having a website and whether it is worth the investment.  Maybe your business does well without one or maybe you don’t think you can afford it.   Did you ever think how much better your business would do by having a website? A website comes with many benefits for businesses-if it’s done right.  If your website is designed to inform, engage and convert your audience, it will be effective and improve your business.


The benefits of a good website are many-for any business-small, large, family-owned, partnerships or corporate.  One major benefit is that with a good website, you stop being invisible.  Trends show that consumers research online first before making a final decision.  Without a web presence, you are losing out on many possible customers from the beginning.  You can’t afford to be invisible.

Another big benefit is that by having a website, you are creating an additional and powerful sales too.  Your website allows you to directly address your customers’ concerns, inform them and create a call to action.  It gives your company a chance to engage with your customers on a more personal level and builds confidence in your brand.  Along with confidence, you are showing stability.  A dedicated web presence means your customers can learn more about your company, read your articles, get a hold of you when they need to and that you will be around for a long time.

With all this said, there are still many more benefits to having a good website if you still aren’t convinced.  There are many Kansas City website companies.  WYSIWYG is a Kansas City web development firm that is committed to help companies grow their business regardless of size or industry.  Call us today and talk to an expert that can answer any question you have regarding SEO, e-commerce, blogs and all services digital marketing can offer!

Custom CMS For Success

November 24th, 2015

If set up properly, your company website should be your marketing machine. If not, then it’s time to consider a change.  Every company has the right to control their website content 24/7 and this process should be easy and intuitive.


A custom content management system (CMS) is a proprietary solution that’s created exclusively for your company.  Custom web CMS platforms allow you to have control over the website’s functionality, interface and updates. The design, usability and workflow can be tailored to your business or department’s specific needs.  A custom CMS also can be managed by the average user as opposed to open source CMS platforms, which require a high level of expertise that some businesses don’t have in-house. Manage catalogs, blogs, calendars, events, tracking, sales, SEO and more with a user-friendly custom CMS.

Assess for Sucess

Making the decision to implement a custom CMS requires an assessment of your current and future business goals and your internal resources. WYSIWYG Marketing is Kansas City web design company that has developed a proprietary custom CMS platform to help those companies that are looking for an intuitive platform to manage their website with ease.  Contact us today for a free consultation to help determine what is the easiest and most cost-effective solution to make your website the marketing machine it can and should be!

Tips for Increasing Online Sales

November 12th, 2015

If you have an online store, there are several website components that have a direct effect on sales.  Your online storefront, landing page for checkout, shopping cart and other items can impact online sales in a positive or negative way.  Below are a few tips to make sure you are maximizing online sales opportunities.

Visible Shopping Cart

When a customer adds a product to their cart, they usually need to be sure their item was registered.  The customer’s cart with the number of products ordered should be displayed at all times for their peace of mind.

Optimize “Add-to-Cart” Buttons

Don’t be indirect with your shoppers.  Avoid “more details” or “learn more” links for an indirect call to action.  Most customers don’t react well to this and prefer a direct “add-to-cart” action.

Clean Product Pages

Your product pages should be simple and organized.  Keep the most important aspects of the product such as the image, name, short description and price front and center.  Product reviews, specifications, similar products, etc can be separate links at the bottom of the page.

Eliminate Distractions from the Checkout Page

The checkout page is a critical aspect of an online sale.  Have a single checkout page asking for payment and shipping information only. Trying to sell more products or having additional information on the checkout page usually confuses and frustrates customers. It is important to keep the process simple and quick as possible for a positive customer experience.

With these tips in mind, take a minute to make sure the shopping experience on your online store is easy and fast for your customers.  WYSIWYG is a Kansas City web design company that can help. We specialize in e-commerce services and website catalogs for successful online sales.  Call us today with questions your have or help you need and talk to an expert!



SEO Benefits of Blogging

November 12th, 2015

A comprehensive SEO strategy includes keyword research, website optimization, content generation, backlinking and more. However, one powerful way to get search engines to notice you is by having a quality blog. When you host your own blog with your own creative content, you control your message, keywords, links and your online presence.  Here are some important benefits of blogging:

Content Variety

A blog includes what you think is most helpful for your audience, whether it fits into a sitemap or not.  Many users search for tips, lists, how-to articles and other types of content that likely aren’t on your website.  Blogs helps your written material and keywords fit into more search queries, increasing potential traffic.

Link Bait

Each blog you post gives your readers another link to share. You can also generate your own backlinks by sharing each post on social media sites. Some posts will be shared more than others, which can help you understand the type of material your audience prefers.

More Indexed Pages

When you post a blog, search engines index every post as a single page. Creating more indexed pages does not always provide a better ranking, but it keeps Google’s robots on your site longer and provides content variety.

Enhanced Internal Linking

Internal linking can help search engines understand what content is on your website when done correctly.  Search engines take note when you link a key phrase in your blog post to a page on your website related to that phrase.

Successful SEO is a result of good content.  Have questions or need help?  Talk to an expert at WYSIWYG Marketing now.  We are a digital marketing company that can help you increase website traffic.  We provide many services including search engine optimization Kansas City companies need for success.

Current Essential SEO Tactics

October 26th, 2015

As search engines continue to evolve, marketers must keep up. Recent reports suggest 70 percent of the links search users click are from SEO and inbound leads (i.e. SEO) cost 61 percent less than outbound leads (i.e. cold calling).  SEO also has a much better return on investment (ROI).   Creating an effective SEO strategy can give your company and brand a better web and online presence. Call WYSIWYG today to improve your ROI today.  We are the local experts for Kansas City SEO services.

Creating Incredible Content That Earns Links

After several changes with the search engine algorithms, inbound SEO links still influence search engines the most. This most likely will not change. However, other methods of link acquisition have changed. Earning links from high-quality, relevant sites can improve your SEO and referral traffic, leading to more sales and brand exposure. Creating compelling content that people share is still the best way to earn links.

Co-Citation Links

When a search engine finds your website next to a competitor, it tells them that your company is in a related niche. To obtain co-citation links, search for “best” or “top 10″ items in your niche. If you don’t find your company in the results of your search, contact the publisher and request that your business be added to the list. Be prepared to justify your company inclusion and give them a summary along with a link.

Editorial Links

Editorial links are some of the most powerful tools for SEO because they originate from other publications in your niche mentioning your company. They also come from thought leadership guest posts written by you and are published on third-party sites.  Most editorial links come from creating compelling content that people share with their readers.  Guest posting on a high-quality site that is in your niche and interviews are other ways to get them.  Cite your work and be prepare for your content to be carefully scrutinized.

The Broken Link-Building Method

Another effective link-building strategy is to help publishers fix broken links. However, your content must be good enough to replace the lost content for this method to work.  The broken link-building method works by finding broken links on a site is relevant to your niche and contacting the webmaster to recommend your site as an alternative.

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation works by finding broken links to your site and having the publisher replace them with fresh links.  Examples include:

  • Identifying brand mentions about your site and asking the publisher to add a link
  • Finding sites where your content has been used without attribution and request a link from the publisher

Set up an alert to notify you whenever your company’s brand is mentioned and check that page to see if there is a link to your site.

Link Outreach

Link outreach is an old but effective method. This is done by finding a website that is relevant to yours and contacting them and asking for a link. This works if the business is slightly different than yours but shares a common audience.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is not new as companies have been researching the competition for years. However, researching the competitor’s backlinks can be helpful to determine which links are relevant and try to get a link from the same referring site.

Focus on ROI Instead of Keyword Rankings

A high keyword ranking doesn’t necessarily mean your SEO campaign is successful. It’s possible for many keywords to be ranked first that have no real ROI. The attention should be focused on metrics that bring conversions.

Create an SEO Strategy That Maps to an Audience

Recently, we’ve lost most of the keyword data in Google Analytics and other tools. This has required marketers to find new ways of segmenting their audiences.  By implementing new keyword focuses, approaches to neighboring markets and determining where the competition is prevailing with SEO, you can improve your SEO.  Content should focus on your target and keywords should flow within the content. This is why content and SEO are tied closely together.

Optimize for Yahoo, Bing, and Others

Google may lose some of their audience in 2015 to search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.  The current default search engine for Firefox is Yahoo. Safari’s deal with Google is projected to end in 2015, and Yahoo and Bing are both vying to become the default search engine.  Google will not be the default search engine for every Web, so optimization should be done for those search engines as well.

Mobile SEO

Mobile is becoming increasing popular. Every company should have a mobile marketing strategy for the future.


Make Your Website Stand Out From The Competition

October 15th, 2015

Is your website traffic down?  How do you know what your website traffic looks like?  Where does my website rank?

These are just a few questions a company must ask when evaluating their website.  A good website with high rankings can certainly lead to more sales and brand recognition in the market.  It’s an important and measurable tool in getting ahead of the competition.

But how do you make your website stand out?  There are many answers to this question.  An exert team of marketing and web personnel often know the answer, but many companies do not have a team of this caliber on staff.  So WYSIWYG is here to help. We do know how to make your website stand out and can help you increase traffic to generate more leads and sales.

Website and marketing teams are often tasked with finding out:

  • What do my users need / want?
  • How can I make something better for my users?
  • What can be improved on my website?
  • What on my website can be differentiated from the competition?

Website and marketing teams are usually not tasked with:

  • How many words should go on a page?
  • What is the latest SEO tactic?
  • How many times should I use my key words on a page?

WYSIWYG can answer all the above questions and can be your website and marketing partner.  There are so many tips out there for creating a better website, but finding the right company to actually getting it done in a timely manner is the key.

WYSIWYG is one of many Kansas City web companies that can get it done, but we will actually partner with you to not only create a website that stands out, but we can provide a long lasting relationship to continually monitor and improve traffic, rankings, SEO and more.