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Using Social Media With SEO

When devising or improving your marketing plan, using social media platforms can enhance your SEO objectives.  SEO and social media efforts are not just about the creation and posting of great content, it’s about promoting that content so that it achieves results. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you embark on the social medial ship and how to use it to derive the best SEO value from it.

Organic Audience

Posting great content and photos across all social networks that shares quickly is only part of the job. Social visibility is only accomplished by constantly being active and engagement is key.  Google does not directly factor in social signals, but if your social media audience is built organically, a slow but effective SEO process will result.  An organically built audience along with high activity and engagement will lead to increased visibility and links, which lead to a higher rank over time, improving SEO results.

Compelling Content

Think about the social media channels you are going to use, and know that you can rank for the same post with different search terms. However, make sure your posts convey useful, original and relevant information to your audience on your website and social platforms.   Don’t focus on selling your product. Try to pull them in with great content and conversation, identify their passions and fulfill a need.

It is becoming more important that businesses make allowances for social media and SEO in their marketing budgets and have these disciplines implemented in their organizational plans. Those that don’t risk staying behind and losing to the competition.  WYSIWYG Marketing is a Kansas City web design company helping companies grow by implementing successful digital marketing strategies.  Call us today for a free consultation!