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The Whole World is Going Mobile

The whole world is going mobile therefore, it makes sense to optimize your website for users browsing the internet on smartphones and tablets. According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, 85% of Americans are never more than 3 feet from their cell phones. He also claims the mobile web is growing 8 times faster than the first wave of online internet adoption. Because of these changes in consumer shopping habits, it is imperative for businesses to optimize their current websites for mobile usage. Not only will it provide a better user experience and create brand identity, but it will help to enhance rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.

Mobile consumers are looking to make immediate decisions or take quick action when searching the internet on their smartphones so businesses need to be accessible anytime, anywhere in order to leverage this mobile internet traffic. They are looking for quick access to business information such as phone numbers, hours of operation, directions, coupons, menus and pricing. Mobile optimized websites should have easy to read content making finding answers quick, easy and user friendly. Click to call features and the ability to use QR codes found on print media are popular features of mobile sites.

Regular websites developed for desk top/laptop usage do not render properly on mobile devices so if you have not optimized for mobile users, your potential customers are likely to browse elsewhere. Implementing a mobile site is a simple and affordable process resulting in more satisfied visitors and a higher chance of converting that traffic into paying customers. WYSIWYG Marketing, a Kansas City Website Development Company can convert your current site into a mobile version leaving only one website to manage. Call us to discuss options for mobile optimization today!