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Mobile Optimized Vs. Responsive Website Mobile Optimized Websites

Today more than ever before businesses and individuals wishing to gain an online presence must take into account the importance of mobile optimization. However, there are different levels of mobile optimization that should be considered when commissioning the design, development and deployment of a modern website. For example, a fully mobile optimized website will typically be best viewed on some type of mobile device. Conversely, a responsive website that is mobile optimized will be more versatile and more easily viewed across a full range of modern Internet enabled devices. Knowing the difference can have an impact on total online traffic volume and overall visitor conversions.

Cycle Between Different Devices At Different Times

While there are some instances where a site will be specifically optimized only for mobile there are typically more instances where a responsive website is the best option. This is simply due to the fact that those searching the Internet today will typically cycle between different devices at different times. So for example, someone may do a mobile search for a particular product, service or business while traveling outside the home. At a later time this same individual may wish to access the same site at home on a tablet, laptop or desktop. A responsive website would be best suited for this type of scenario. Responsiveness simply means that a website will morph and change to fit the screen of any electronic device so that it is easily readable and easy to navigate.

Continue To Innovate And Customize

It is also important to consider that with a growing number of mobile applications making their way into the mainstream that more people than ever before are accessing information and data strictly via a mobile device. Because this is indeed the case some developers are designing strictly mobile style websites. As the lines continue to blur between mobile optimized websites and responsive websites, developers will likely continue to innovate and customize so that information and data can be accessed on any device at any time and under any condition. This is an absolute necessity as the Internet continues to evolve and change.

Inherently And Typically Seen In Mobile Optimized Websites

As an interesting note, many website symbols and design styles that are inherently and typically seen in mobile optimized websites are making their way into all websites. For example, the common “hamburger” symbol found on a mobile website that is used to signify navigation is slowly gaining popularity with traditional non-mobile website development. The “hamburger” symbol is simply three short horizontal lines stacked vertically. One excellent example of this type of design symbol can be found on the popular website known as When navigating to online visitors will find a mobile-centric “hamburger” menu symbol in the top left corner of the website. This is a clear example of mobile website symbology that is migrating into traditional website design. Contact WYSIWYG Marketing today to learn more about Kansas City website development that gets results.