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Email Design for Results

A successful email campaign can increase awareness of your brand, increase traffic to your website, and directly reach your customers and prospective customers. Your email design is important and there are many things worth considering. Below are a few tips to consider when designing an email campaign.

Keep It Simple

The purpose of an email campaign is to initiate contact with your customers and prospects. Keeping your design simple will reduce creation time while improving results. Keep your images, content and links concise and to a minimum. Since space is limited, including duplicate or redundant content wastes space and reduces the effectiveness of links. Duplicate content refers to sections that differ graphically but still send readers to the same place. These sections should be eliminated because they waste your readers’ time and muddle the design. Effective design methods can improve your image, brand and campaign results.

Make the Most of Your Space

In addition to your content, you can convey the e-mail’s purpose with a large banner that stretches from top to bottom. Be sure to also have a “View in Browser” link at the top. The top sections may also contain social media links in addition to other types of information. However, information such as location, telephone numbers, addresses and other contact information are better suited at the bottom of the emails. By maximizing your space, your emails can be effective and deliver results.

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