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Dog With Fleas??

When we sat down to name our new business we wanted it to focus on one of the distinguishing features of our company.  As we set off to build a new website we heard it over and over from our clients that they wanted the ability to control their website and quickly and easily make edits.  We could not agree more!

There are so many sites that are developed and deployed today under the guise the site will be easy to maintain going forward.  Once the site is rolled live it is only then that the proud new owner of the site realizes what they actually have:  A Content Management System that is difficult to maintain, the need to re-train themselves to perform basic updates, or, worse of all, pay the developer to make the changes for them.

WYSIWYG is a programmers acronym that stands for What You See Is What You Get.  It refers to the ability for the administrator of a website to quickly and easily make changes in their Content Management System (CMS) and publish those changes to their website.  Whether it is changing a single image or updating pricing on thousands of products, our proprietary CMS allows the user to make those changes and roll them live within minutes.

Is your CMS everything is was cracked up to or were you sold a dog with fleas?

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