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Digital Marketing and Your Website

Increased traffic to your website is an important outcome of an effective digital marketing plan.  If your website is not designed well, it will impede your online marketing efforts. All the work of promoting your business through social media, online advertising, other web-based media and SEO practices is not worth it if website visitors are leaving your site quickly because of bad design and functionality.

Components of a Good Website

A good website is the foundation for all digital marketing plans. A good website can tell visitors more about your business than anyone else.  It’s a place where you have full control to display your products, services, history, leadership and more.   It should provide appeal, functionality, easy navigation and a positive user experience.  If your users have a negative experience, it could drastically impact your company’s image, which could result in a decrease in revenue.

Effective Design

The concept of web design means more than just creation and maintenance of your site.  Web design contains all the visual aspects of your site. These mainly include images, color scheme, logos, layout and various design elements such as buttons and links. Websites appeal to your sense of sight which is why your site should be appealing and engaging.

Make sure your website has been developed well and tested for overall effectiveness and success.  Your company will only succeed and your digital marketing efforts will be rewarded when your website provides visual appeal, functionality and easy navigation.

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