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Choosing the Right Web Developer

Hiring a web developer to build your website or mobile application can be challenging.  However, it can be easy if you know what to look when evaluating an agency, freelancer or full-time employee.  In order to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, selecting a local company is easier and preferred to choosing a company or person that is operating in a different city, state or country.


Every person or company should have a portfolio containing websites and mobile applications they have built for other companies.  Take some time and inspect their work for several attributes that lead to success which include overall appeal, site performance, and site functionality.  Your candidates should be building websites and applications that appeal to you as a user, have pages that load fast, are easy to navigate, have fast and easy checkout functionality on e-commerce sites and other functionality for other types of organizations such as forms, searches, blogs, news-feeds, etc.

Customer Service

Customer service is also very important when selecting a web developer.  You want to make sure to hire a person or company that can provide constructive feedback about your needs and respond to requests timely.  On the occasion when your site experiences a problem, it impacts your business.  Minimal downtime is essential and the best developers are often passionate about solving problems.  Be sure to ask about response time for issues and ask for references. A glowing recommendation from several customers will make you feel secure and confident about your decision.

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