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Immediate, Targeted, Inexpensive and Extremely Effective.

eMail marketing allows you to increase the number of touch points between you and your customers and prospects. Through the use of eye-catching, professional eMail communications, you will build customer loyalty and strengthen relationships that will result in growing your business. There is a not a faster or more affordable way to effectively communicate with your customer base.

Improves customer communication. Delivery is key. Regular eMail communication reaches far more inboxes than regular mail. Open and response rates will have you wishing you had started eMail marketing a long time ago.

Increases response rates. By segmenting your database, you can create smaller campaigns based on customer interest so that your communications are more relevant with targeted messaging. The result: Higher response rates and immediate action.

Provides trackable results. See who opened your eMails and clicked through links to your website in real-time, allowing you to immediately share warm/hot lead contact information with your sales force. There is no better time to contact a potential buyer than when your company is fresh on their mind -- within minutes of them having read an eMail about your products or services. Our SEO team will be able to analyze your email campaign and advise you on the effectiveness of your strategy.

Let WYSIWYG Marketing manage every aspect of your eMail marketing program.

From design and development to execution and analytics, we do it all!